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About Us


AWICO Engineering Company Ltd is a Liability Company that was incorporated in Uganda on 11th January 2005, to provide services in the water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector, Road Construction and Rehabilitation of Buildings, Mechanical Works and also engages in Trade and supply.

The establishment of AWICO hatched as a small metal fabrication workshop on Ogwanguzi Road, Plot 2, Lira Municipality, with the aim of having a company that could unite a group of five persons with common vision. The five Directors then agreed to generate a name from the Luo word AWICO which means ‘head of men’. It then agreed that the word be written as AWICO.

We offer multidisciplinary project delivery for both local and national companies working within Uganda. Our approach, and the cornerstone of our culture, is to self-perform using our own people, plant and equipment to better control safety, programming, quality, environmental and industrial relations aspects of our projects to the highest level.

Our firm is comprised of a team of creative, talented architects and designers; who have extensive experience in a variety of building types including hospitality, residential, commercial and institutional projects, often with challenging programs, budgets, schedules and site constraints. We combine the flexibility, personal attention and accessibility of an engineering firm with a strong grounding in the principles of a large commercial practice.

We are experts at hospitality; we incorporate the best qualities of a contemporary luxury hotel into every project that we design. We make the residential, commercial and institutional buildings gracious, inviting and appealing to the senses. We craft buildings that create unique identities for our corporate and institutional clientele with the pleasure of materials that tell the narrative of each project.

Awico Engineering Company Ltd is committed to being a truly Ugandan firm. Our focus is on achieving our Compliance objectives and we are committed to meeting our Equity goals, through a work environment that promotes equality of opportunity in a positive and supportive manner.



  • Loyalty Passion Informal Open Communication
  • Dedication Commitment Family Casual,
  • Openness, Receptivity Humility Service Teachable
  • Learning, Listening, Family Casual
  • Freedom Creativity, Originality
  • Innovation Growth, Opportunity Entrepreneurial Flexibility,
  • Integrity Fairness, Justice Ethics
    Excellence, Trustworthy,  Transparency


  • Quality, Effectiveness,
  • Efficiency Reliability, Dependability
  • Wisdom Stewardship Environmental Concern Profitability Stability Security
  • Generosity Caring, Empathy, Tolerance
  • Honesty Trust, Teamwork Mutual Respect,
  • Diversity Collaboration Courage, Persistence Adventure
  • Fun, Happiness, Excitement Joy
  •  Informal Open Communication

Meet our Team

Our projects are spear-headed by those who are competent with engineering to meet our clients' needs, know the technique and understand the unique challenges of each project. More than 93 percent of our field staff have got 5 years plus of field experience in various departments. Their hard work and personal commitment to success helps lift up our very own, AWICO Engineering Company Limited. Meet our unique team members.



Bambanze Paul
Procurement and Logistics Officer


Administrative Engineer


Amony Flavia
Finance Administrator


Onweng Shaban
Field Supervisor


Ojut Julius
Assistant Project Engineer


Production Manager


Ebong Sam Fred


Meet some of our Clients - "We Work for the Best"

Our clients span a variety of industries - financial, academic, government organizations, and more. Having worked closely with these different organizations, AWICO has become familiar with the demands of each industry and how best to fill them.